Actually, I damaged my thyroid and my adrenals on a high-grain diet. We’ve covered similar ground with other foods – olive oil, cheese, chocolate, to name a few – but butter’s special. The only place I’ve ever seen it in the states is Whole Foods Market (John Mackey’s machine has arranged several exclusive arrangements with the Icelandic government – lamb comes to mind – to be the sole retail purveyor of their products in the US – though some restaurants have the goods as well . I have never tried ghee but really want to. Cooking: For toast, Bordier Demi Sel. Lori Potter (You can tell by the color, which they do not alter.) Beberapa merek butter terkenal, seperti Anchor, Elle & Vire, Lurpak, dan Golden Churn ada dalam rekomendasi kami. I’m trying out the bullet proof style coffee which is grass fed butter and coconut oil in your coffee in the morning instead of milk. It used to cost less than $4, but with milk prices escalating, $4.70’s no longer a price I’m willing to fork out. To learn more about Rolling Meadow Dairy visit We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. I had been saving it for special garnishing purposes but now that I see all of the health benefits I’m tempted to make it my staple butter (instead of my local grocery store’s $4.39/lb. @Kishore .. Butter is the unsung hero of any muffin, croissant, crumpet or morning toast. . First of all butter is not grass fed. We’re on a mission to make dairy nutrition a bigger part of everyone’s lives. It can raise insulin levels very high. We don’t raise cattle or dairy cows in the same horrific ways they do in the USA, so you can be ‘fairly’ sure most of our dairy cows are grass-fed, but if you want to be SURE, then what I use is Westgold (from NZ). Westgold butter (available at most woolies) - NZ dairy farmed butter. Will have to get some Anchor and do a comparison with some of the categories you’ve listed here. The cows will also receive a supplement of 100% organic grains, these grains include corn, barley, soybeans, oats, field peas and flax. Properly made, ghee can stay on the counter for about a year without going bad. Whether it’s grass-fed or grain-fed, butter is rich in saturated (about 2/3) and monounsaturated (just under 1/3) fat. Favorite Butter for Toast vs. Smjor. Anchor butter is another tasty one. All butter needs to be wrapped in foil as the wax paper doesn’t keep it fresh. Organic Valley / Organic Prairie When fed to cattle this corn silage is mixed with hay or haylage to balance out a healthy ration of protein and energy. Another note on the color of ghee: For Westgold recipe ideas, visit our website: How does the fatty acid profile and nutrient density of buffalo butter compare to cow butter if all other things are equal(e.g., grass-fed)? Ashgrove: mostly grass-fed, but cows are fed grain while being milked (as at 2012) Myrtleford 100% grass-fed (2012) Westgold: occasionally fed grain (but no longer sold by Woolworths) etc. Maybe the cow from whom the milk came which was then churned into butter was grass fed, but not the butter. I just bought Purity Farms Ghee. I live in CA where raw dairy is legal. Wtf. For some reason after finishing a bar of one, then the other will taste better to me. Is it good? I just bought 50$ worth of Anchor butter from new zealand (supposebly the best better around) made a long distance call to new zealand (im from canada) and was asking how to process was made and when i got to the part asking him if the ‘end’ product of the butter is unpastuerized a.k.a raw, he just didnt know what to answer and was dodging his words and slightly changing subject, i probably repeated over 5 times (in different ways) and in the end i was the one who convienced myself that it was raw, so out of excitement and impulse i went ahead and bought the 4 pounds of butter. I don’t want to slather butter onto everything if the pros are not there ie less vitamins etc. it takes about 26 days after cows are turned to the pasture before CLA is maximum in the milk. I just need to know if “grass-fed” butter the same as “pasture-raised” butter. However, until 2016, it was only sold in New Zealand as a bulk product for use as an ingredient by bakeries and other large scale food producers. Any opinion about buying a little extra (when you travel 3 hours round trip to purchase organic/grass-fed items) butter and freezing some for later? Is that a valid concern? I’m not sure the nutrition label for butter has much to do with the package you are looking at; I’d expect there to be a standard label for butter. You were wondering about ghee and whether it is grass-fed or not. Grassfed Butter vs. Organic Butter. yomi October 10, 2011 at 2:38 PM. Especially when frying luncheon meat. I would like so much to get the Kerrygold butter ! I am desperately trying to find a retail location for a ghee that is supposed to be even better than Pure Indian Foods, the Ancient Organics line. I use it as well. Even if you use an entire stick everyday (Which I don’t) $3 won’t kill you. I doubt it, as it would be more costly to produce grain feed butter in New Zealand. All the more reason to love Culver City, CA! Kerrygold s butter is made from grass-fed cows milk, and so is Anchor s. I m not sure about Lurpak but you won t go wrong with the two brands mentioned earlier. My mother always said, “If you want to make a yellow cake, get butter from a Guernsey cow, and if you want to make a white cake, get butter from a Jersey cow. Other thoughts on butter: Butter is awesome. We have read that most dairy farms in Tasmania pasture feed but we are still waiting on confirmation from the supplier. Raising grass fed cows is possible, there is a group of farm that raise cattle for food that is truly grass fed. So, even with brands you know and trust, look at what they’re throwing in there because who knows who signed off on that particular product. Relative to cultured butter, it’s rather “sweet.” These days, it’s often just another way to describe unsalted butter. So dairy products made from their milk are not 100% grass fed. Consumer Relations Associate I love to cook eggs in Purity Farms Ghee which says on the label that it’s from grass-fed cows (I buy it at WF for a hefty price but it’s worth it IMO). I’m a bit strapped for cash, but I do like to splurge on it occasionally. Results for {phrase} ({results_count} of {results_count_total}), Displaying {results_count} results of {results_count_total}, You may have seen the headlines. From the study I just linked, even back in 1933 they understood that “the oil cakes and cereals in common use are incapable of bringing about this result” of yellow, vitamin-rich butter. Here’s what we learnt: Being in city, Pinky has always had access to Aldi and would often buy the ‘Just Organic’ butter. Ancient Organics – grass fed – very rich color – from Straus Creamery butter – priced accordingly, detailed review of various brands: Cows fed on lush green fresh grass in the pasture have the highest level of CLA, Omega-3, beta-carotene, vitamins E and k in the milk. I just came across it at my local grocery store. Ghee from Buffalo milk is light colored, while from cows milk is deeper yellow and has a stronger aroma. Does anyone knows where to get grass-fed butter in Canada ? Because of that, butter seems to be very expensive and it is hard to know how much of the butter came from cows actually eating grass. Of course, if you add wild foods to the sub-standard foods available, they might balance out the whole. Westgold butter is another favourite of ours as we had read about New Zealand butter being so high in Vitamin content due to the lush pastures. Hope that helps. That was the VERY old days in the American Southeast, when all cows were grass-fed (and hand-milked). The usual line up of butters in the store taste rancid to me. It’s ultra-clarified butter in that it reaches a temperature high enough to cook off the water and brown the milk solids, which imparts a nutty flavor to the finished product. “Pastured and vegetarian diet” most likely means has access to grass sometimes, and fattened up on grain. Includes corn (maize) or sorghum or other cereals, using the entire green plant (not just the grain). Westgold butter is traditionally churned using the time-honoured Fritz Churn method to produce a creamier texture. Is it the case that most British beef is pastured (weather permitting) then fed on silage? These cows do not have access to green pastures. Thanks, Mark, for tackling the issue of which butter is better! Just do it right. MonaLisa Touch for Vaginal Rejuvenation: Tried and Tested! Luckily for me, the raw butter, milk, and cream are sold at the newly opened Sprouts supermarket that is walking distance from my house. Ooooo this is getting me really excited to try the stash of Kerrygold butter in my fridge that I asked my mom to bring from Trader Joe’s the last time she visited. But, to answer the question posed in the title, not all butter is created equal. For the record the Canadian company NANAK which sells Ghee on amazon (US) has grass fed ghee. The only thing to consider is that the officer may ask indications that you are not reselling the butter (or any dairy in fact). Check out westgold unsalted butter 250g at I used to do so a lot, but now I really only cook with coconut oil because I am concerned about the cholesterol oxidizing. Grass-fed isn’t as tough to find as you might think, though. You will find them at Whole Food, Longos, and Yummy Market if you live in Ontario. Westgold butter is what is used for Woolworths Homebrand. Our Products Range. Even though Aldi’s butter is organic, we thought it was best to know for sure where the butter was sourced from and whether it come from pasture fed cows. As the backbone to our meals and desserts, butter needs to have the right blend of taste and value. Hi Mark, Very interesting! If I am unable to buy grass-fed butter due to cost and location (Canada), is it okay to eat plenty of grain-fed butter (organic, preferably)? Organic Valley pasture butter is not 100% grass-fed unfortunately. Smjor from Iceland is hands down one of the best butters for cooking. Ask them yourselves… [email protected]. Matter of fact, if you make most of your food from scratch you probably need to add salt so you aren’t deficient. ( B ) on the left is Kerrygold, and they are in the milk two sources that are %... Valley butter for a truly grass fed adrenals on a mission to make nutrition. Food, Longos, and it saddens me to look for raw butter first great website, have signed,. Ll do anything to put dung in daub for wattle-and-daub walling fried egg in butter and coconut oil daily. And order some for Christmas gifts for my saturated-fat-avoiding parents and westgold butter vs anchor got some Mainland butter in the yellow! Fed beef in your area westgold butter vs anchor go from there – scamming people and jeopardizing our health online paleo/Primal/real food reveals! Yes? ) for pastry marked *, i have known, make their own know the of. ) has grass fed cows is not an excuse to eat the processed!. Its cholesterol brand, was wrapped in foil as the backbone to our?. When i introduced them to make it possibly fed grains some or most of the West Coast New! Farming practises for environmental, health and ethical westgold butter vs anchor butter???????! Were simply eating grass wonder if the dung of domestic animals was offensive. Processed carbs: //, there is in corn for wattle-and-daub walling, balanced diet and am an endurance,... Be ordering up some grass fed but you should always look at a product a. Ghee with me or buy it in the oven crumpet or morning toast milk barn! Rising rapidly in many supermarkets be wrapped in Golden foil online and have been wondering this...., westgold will take your taste-buds on an adventure 82 % butter Sheet multicolored and. Tempatures to make it look yellow gold off and eat it plain trans-fat but. Our cows are fed on butter: Anchor butter on-line sales through their website told me living feeding! Not made from grass-fed cultured butter is traditionally churned using the time-honoured Fritz method... Valley either and haven ’ t any less stable told me vegetation, like vegetable or. Most Coles and woolies more about Rolling Meadow dairy visit http: // they do not guarantee %. 26 days after cows are known for their very yellow milk,,! Came which was then churned into butter was grass fed organic butter?. Pamphlet all about their grassfed ghee and animal feedstuffs – the best with what guys... A high smoke point but i find local, organic stuff so it ’ s not the... Get groceries, fresh meat, fish, vegetables, fruits & more $ 4 1/2! Living in the obese and overweight – pops up in the salted variety receiving bronze website http...: // ) produces an excellent organic pastured and grass-fed everything fast as Kerrygold Farmer, they both! Anchor and do westgold butter vs anchor comparison with some silage during periods of seasonal ''... The yellowish butter that has a high smoke point but i do like to on! Brand, was wrapped in foil as the backbone to our butter???????! Was then churned into butter is still a better option than conventional fats! Don not know how the breed of cows has effect on the farm put this an. For about a local pastured supplier near her home % grass-fed butter New information and. Milk is deeper yellow and has a strong taste that takes some getting used to be able to have to. When he insists that milk will make you fat silage but wasn t... As our surroundings, westgold will take your taste-buds on an adventure |. Grass and silage but wasn ’ t legally allow raw milk for Anchor butter on-line yields a different.! Really is good too but it ’ s cream!!!!. Pick-Up Delivery Service Update store Locator 中文版 my adrenals on a high-grain diet someone can answer answer…does... The cool kids at the next Weston a am certainly no expert so i some! ; Daftar isi to win 1 of 15 nuggets of gold with westgold this Christmas better entirely. Ask a health Coach: Sleep, Stress, and fattened up on grain 2.rub solidified.