2018 – 19

Támaszpont MOPKA since participate in many international youth exchanges and training courses of Youth in Action (YiA) Programme and nowadays in Erasmus+ Programme. The foundation participate in also in Youth and Democracy project of YiA Programme and training course of SALTO.  In 2014 one of its professional youth workers participated in 6-month-long YiA EACEA Youth workers’ mobility Programme to develop his work in youth field and become professional EVS coordinator. From 2017 we start to host 2 EVS volunteers per year.

At the local level besides the cultural and leisure-time activities the association organizes training courses and other forms of non-formal education to its volunteers. As well they support the youth initiatives of the young people.

The implemented projects prove that Támaszpont MOPKA has the necessary infrastructure and skills to be partner in youth projects. Támaszpont MOPKA from 2016 is member of ENYC (European Network of Youth Centres for International and Intercultural Learning) network what is officially recognized by the Council of Europe.

German Club
When: Every Thursday
What Time: 17:30-18:30
You want to talk with a native speaker and learn more about the german culture? Then you are very welcome to German Club! Read more…

Art Club
: Every Tuesday
What Time: 18:00 – 19:30
You want to be creative but don`t know how or where? Then you are very welcome to the Art Club! Read more…

Dance Club

You have always wanted to dance and didn´t know where to begin? Then you are very welcome to the Dance club! Read more…

Human Rights

In previous years, while working closely with teachers, the recognised the need for a better understanding of these rights. Read more…

Drug Prevention

One of the main goals of Támaszpont MOPKA is drug prevention. The prevention workshops are leaded by police officers and experts. Read more…

Open Court

The main goal of the workshop is to increase the knowledge of youngsters about the Hungarian Law.
Read more…


Szociopoly is a board game to raise social awareness to make the social condition of poor people understandable.  Read more…