We as Támaszpont MOPKA have been collaborating with local primary and secondary schools in the last 3 years were we played the game Szociopoly.

Szociopoly is a board game to raise social awareness to make the social condition of poor people understandable. The game is played with one class of students per time (20 – 25) and required a facilitator to moderate the game. The game covers the period of a month and the participants are divided in groups to form a family. Each family can decide if to have kids or not and how many. Every family get support from the state per each kid they have and in case of unemployed they get support from the state.

The participants roll the dice every turn to move until they arrived to the end of the month. In every turn they encounter challenges where you can win or lose something.

The family can decide if they can pay a shopping bill in advance for a month or pay every week. The participants can lose all the amount of money before the ending and they can decide if to lose the game or to borrow money from black market. The goal of the game is to survive and all the game can take 2 hours.

The most important part of the game is the reflection part where the facilitator makes statements about the game and the youngsters can decide to agree or disagree with the statement. They are free to explain their choice and their reasons, this lead to discussions among the participants.

Szociopoly takes 2 hours to finish including the reflection and discussion part and only in 2017 we reached more than 500 students.