“Forging Fairness” Youth Exchange – Call for Participants

Forging Forgiveness – ifjúsági cserére

Timis County Youth Foundation (FITT) implements a big range of programs from social, for disadvantaged young people to cultural programs, active citizenship and policy development (local and national level). We possess the Timisoara Youth House, which has been awarded with The Council of Europe Quality Label for Youth Centers. We are one of the eight such Youth Centers in Europe that have this Accreditation and the only one in Romania.

The project “Forging fairness” has the purpose of empowering young people to tackle discrimination when they are confronted with it. It has 4 main directions:

1. Informing the participants on what discrimination is and how to spot it
2. Discovering the connection between discrimination and breaking human rights
3. Investigating local, national and European reality – how much discrimination is there?
4. Provide participants with hands-on methods to fight discrimination when they see it In this context.

They will be part of a series of non-formal activities, ranging from treasure hunts, to role play and mapping human rights/discrimination in their community, guests from intercultural institutions in Timisoara in the context of a Living Library.

They will also work, in the final days of the project, on small artistic projects for combating discrimination (theater, dance, music or visual arts – teaming up according to their interests).

How to Apply!

APV 2017.11.12 – 11 (only for the group leader)

Youth Exchange 2018.03.04 – 13

Age: 18 – 30

Group: 6+1

Cost: 20.000 Ft*

Deadline: 2017.12.29

For any more information please contact us by email tamaszpont.mopka@gmail.com