Multicultural Tower Overlooking the Future – ifjúsági csere

Project Summary:
The project titled „Multicultural Tower overlooking the future” is an enterprise of youth and young adults from 5 countries: Poland, the Czech Republic, Israel, Hungary and Ukraine who are members of national organizations and institutions. Implementation of this action will create a solid foundation of functioning coalition of youth. They are willing to take common actions in favour of global multicultural society concerning migration problems in Europe and proper approach to the status of refugees. The authors of this project are ingenious people who develop their political science and sociological interests. There will be 35 people aged 14 – 29 and 5 supervisors involved in this project. During project implementation young people will acquire knowledge about contemporary world in the broad sense, particularly in wide range of subjects connected to multicultural society, inter-generational integration, migrations and refugees in Europe. On the other hand, they aim to form an open attitude and outlook at the challenges of modern Europe as well as practical implication in creating the society which is open on equality, latitude and respect for cultural disparity. During the socializing event and online contacts the youth is going to design a set of papers, presentations, web conferencing and graphic training aids related to above-mentioned matters for young adults’ needs and people working with youth in the participating countries. Project methodology in shape of workshops, trainings, discussions, brainstorms, project works, mutual learning, learning by experience, observation, analysis of actions and statistics source, Web-Quest, SWOT analysis, case study will allow students to obtain additional knowledge about multicultural learning, migration problems in Europe as well as refugees assimilation in European society, especially young people. It will also develop key European abilities of beneficiary of the grant which consequently will lead to preparing particular results of the enterprise. After the project completion the youth will develop a long – term strategy of European activity in above-mentioned subjects and by engaging subsequent youth partners from other countries they will draw up the next strategic based on partnership project.

Cím: Multicultural Tower Overlooking the Future
2018.06.18 – 23
Helyszín: Varsó, Lengyelország
Kor: 14 – 17
Csoport: 7 + 1
Költség: 60.000 Ft *
Határidő: 2018.05.02
Országok: Magyarország, Ukrajna, Csehország, Izrael és Lengyelország.

* Az ifjúsági csere alatt az Erasmus+ projekt ingyenesen biztosítja minden résztvevő számára a szállást, a háromszori étkezést, helyi közlekedést, valamint a programok árát. Továbbá amennyiben a résztvevők írnak egy rövid összefoglalót a programról és megosztják a Támaszpont MOPKA képével együtt, akkor az utazás árából 40.000.-Ft-ot visszakapnak a projekt végén.

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