Value the Difference 1°- 2°

Written By: Fábián Nikolett & Kiss Viktória, 

In 2017, we (Niki and Viki) had the opportunity to participate in a two phase training course called Value the Difference. In April (?) we were in the beautiful Rovereto, Italy, where the weather was just amazing. Sunny and bright. We had also some tour in the forests, mountains.
In the beginning of the training we got to introduced to the topic of extremism and radicalism. So the very experienced trainers gave us a chance to learn about what are the concept of radicalization, extremism, youngsters, and how the different radical groups can easily get the – most of the time- innocent youngster to make aggressive actions.

After spending a fantastic week in the mountains the next phase in October were hold in Baitz, a little city next to Berlin. The weather was definitely the opposite of Rovereto’s, rainy, gray.

We had some travel issues but thanks to luck, language practice, and very kind new friends we managed to get to Berlin, Baitz.
From the original group were just a few members participating here and so with a whole new team we started to continue our learning process. We had plenty of time to share experiences and I think it was the very best part of the training. We got to know about Pakistani, Indian, and European cultures and issues a lot. It was definitely an eye-opening experience. As Niki said we had a culture shock in the very best meaning of it. Thanks to the new group I can say the two phases were really worth to participate. We brought home some new information about the world, we got new good friends from all over the world and also we managed to start our way to predict youngsters from radicalization.

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