Niinisalo – EVS Project


I want to thanks for the related organizations providing this chance to me exploring Finland, which was my first time to be there. Finland is absolutely a nature lover’s heaven.

Following the schedule, we had on-arriving training for five days in Villa Elba, Kokkola, where we were arranged with good accommodation. Through different activities, we learned our program very well, also get to know ourselves better. Elba is located in the place just besides to the sea. The craziest thing you can do there is jumping into the sea just after doing sauna, then come back to the sauna room. Elba is also a very peaceful place. In the spare time, personally, I would like to hang out in the village by myself, because you can always find a fabulous place to stay to enjoy peace. And there were some other volunteers we can always join to have fun together.

After on-arriving training, we moved to Niinisalo, where we started to work with horses. There are 32 horses in the stable, you can imagine there are lots of works need be done on a daily basis. In the morning, usually we help to clear the stable or feed horses, which let me know horses much better than before. Other time we work on the tasks with the horse-riding competition. Before I just watched this kind of competition on television, but this time, I got the chance to watch them at short range. What’s more, we had the chance to ride horse to the forest by ourselves. To be honest, I felt a little bit upset on the horse when the horse start run.

Anyway, I have to say it was a memorable journey in my life.

Mingchen He.


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