Log Out – Youth Exchange

Written by: Goizer Lili

This youth exchange, I spent in Slovenia, was one of the best things I have ever experienced. It was the first time that I participated in one, but not the last for sure. In this week I had the chance to meet with a lovely group and make memories with them, which I will never forget.

At first I was a little anxious, how it will go, I am going to enjoy this time here. Not much later, when we arrived, we became friends with everybody and my anxiety was gone. When the projects started, we had got to know each other more and had become closer. I enjoyed the different types of workshops and group projects. The title of the program was Log Out and we dealt with the effect of the social media and technical gadgets on young people.

What was missing for me was a little longer break between the workshops and programs. It was good that we could do whatever we wanted to do at night, but by day sometimes the workshops were after workshops and they lasted for long hours.

Except this, everything was excellent. The place was awesome, the people were lovely and cool, the food was great and the projects were interesting and fun. I really loved the free nights and the ‘secret friend’ game. From the workshops what especially got me was the self esteem one. I didn’t except that everybody, including me, could be so open about this topic after a short time.In total, I loved this trip. I miss everybody and I’m sure that I will go to another exchange next year.

Written by: Apathy Szava

I heard about this Erasmus+ exchange programme from an acquaintance, who recommended it strongly, and – as I’ve always wanted to take part in an exchange – I decided to try it. Though I was afraid of some things, like “I won’t understand the language” (since I didn’t speak English very well), it turned out that all of my fears were completely unnecessary. I spent a week full of unforgettable memories in Slovenia. We stayed in a really cute town with a totally unpronounceable name: Krsko (See? There are way too much consonants in it.) Anyway. Slovenia was awesome and breath-taking with all the green and clean areas it had.

During the week I got to know nearly 30 people, and made some long-lasting friendships, I hope. I also learned a lot about 3 other cultures (Slovenian, Turkish and Irish) and some useful (or not so useful) phrases in the other languages. Teaching our languages to each other was a big fun.

The theme of our week was the virtual world, its advantages and drawbacks. We were divided into three groups and all three concentrated on the concept of unplugging during the workshops (our aim was to log out for a while – at least for the time of the workshops). We had a photo-video and a dance-theatre workshop. They were somehow performing things about the unplugged world. But my workshop, the third was the best, of course, because we were playing all week: our aim was to collect games from all of the participating countries that people played before the social media and computer games, and write a handbook kind of thing about them. It was awesome, being like kids again; surprising when we realised that we play the same games in each country, we just call them different names; and also challenging: it’s not easy to translate clearly the Hungarian games’ rules. We also had bigger workshops together concerning the virtual world and its drawbacks, and had other activities just for fun, or to get to know each other: like karaoke night or the intercultural night, where we needed to perform about another country. We spent a whole day in Zagreb, too (it was really close to us…only in a different country.

I had a wonderful time, and I’m sure I’ll never forget these days. I recommend the youth exchange to everyone

  • who wants to be a part of a big community,
  • who wants to meet different kinds of people,
  • who wants to have a wider perspective of the world,
  •  who wants to discuss important things (or anything, actually) with people from different countries and with different ways of thinking,
  •  who wants to have a week full of memories from the first minute of the traveling to the last tears of the parting,
  •  and also to learn to express oneself – or, what’s more: to think – in another language.

It’s a really good opportunity to step out from your comfort zone and try something new – something exciting and really cool.

Written by: Taba Nora

This expertise will be about an Erasmus program, Log out. I write about its purpose, where the program was and I will share my personal experiences.In this project took apart four countries: Slovenian, who were the hosts, irises, Turkish, and we, Hungarians. The participants where between 14 and 17 years old students. The number of students where between five and seven persons from each country. The program last from 24th June to 1st July, we would like to stay longer.

The accommodation was incredibly beautiful. Our accommodation was in Krsko Mc Hostel. I really like the organization of this place, the lot of room for the workshops and the two community rooms. In one bedroom where six or eight bed. The hostel has a well equid kitchen, what could we used. The river Sava and our hostel separated by only a little pinch forest and a carnet ground. We could use this place in our free time.

What was the goal of this program? I think, we should less and more knowingly and more critically thinking the word of media. The program name was ,,Log out”, which is very original. We had lot of activity about this topic. There where tree main topic:

The first topic was about the danger of internet, fake news, hate speech and self-confidence. The second topic was about each other and our self-control. We also could learn about each other language. Here we could try a lots of group building games too.The third type of topic, we could choose: dancing/acting, Let’s play like we used to and video/photo workshop. I joined to the last mentioned workshop. Facundo Rey an argentine professional photographer every day taught a lot of thing for us. My personal favorite was the day when we took a tons of photo about Krsko and its inhabitants.

My personal opinion is that we could talk about a very actual topic. We could look at each other gastronomy, because every day a different country made the breakfast. The programs at the evenings, the card games, the secret message wall, the killer game where also very good.To summarize up everyone had a good time, that’s why was the goodbye very hard. That was my first that kind of trip in my life and I’m sure, that wasn’t the last.

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