International Club Leader – Training Course

Written by: Nikolett Fábián

So if I want to summarize the International Club Leader training course in Kokkola, Finland with just a few words I would say that it was instructive, great, and well-organized. It was a training hold by the members of Villa Elba, which is a place what most people should see for themselves. The environment, the mainbuilding and the cottages are literally awesome. And Finland in summer time.. well it’s a must-see! Kokkola is north enough that though the sun sets down, it doesn’t get dark for some months, like it’s a bit darker if the weather is cloudy, but still it’s like daylight. This means you can lose your sense of time. 😀 So sleeping mask is a great idea if you like sleeping in darkness. On the other hand the training was held for youngsters under 18 and for youth workers. Together we could discuss what kind of knowledge and skills should a future leader has. We learned great ways how to do teambuilding and icebreaking games, then we were introduced to the process of creating a new project. During our sightseeing tour we had tasks to complete, and there were ones when we really had to use our creativity. One of them said that you should buy as many things as possible with the given 1 euro coin taped inside the folder. For this in the city there were shops where ordinary people, so like anyone out from the streets can hire a shelf for themselves and then put their belongings with a small amount of price there and the costumers can buy them. For me it was like a modern secondhand shop which gives profit to the locals. A very nice idea in my opinion.

Besides we had a great time together. There were 46 people who participated in the project, from more than ten countries, including Russia and Armenia too. So no need to tell, the international night was a very special evening. I could try to eat pine cones, originally made in Siberia. 😀 It’s good for sore throat they said. Well, they must have something for that, as it can decrease there till – 25 °C easily in winter time. More to add they could kill me with a sausage on that night as the ‘killing’ game was still going on. Anyway we made new friends and contacts and most importantly there seem to be follow up projects in the near future, therefore we can meet again the ones we got to know over there and for me this is the most precious part of these projects. Thank you that I had the opportunity to take part in this.

Written by:  Emese Balog

I spent an unforgettable week ,in Finnland in the internacional Club leader course..When I heard in school about this opportuninty, I immediately felt that it would be a huge mistake to miss it. At the beginning, I was afraid of english communicatin,but I was very intresstied in the theme of curs. Before I traveled,I had a meeting with my hungarien teammates. There were only three of us so we easily got on with each other. I haven’t been on such a trip yet, but the other girls already had experiences, therefor they could help me .

We started our journey early in the morning from Budapest and we transferred in Münich. Later we arrived in Helsinki where a 4-hour train trip Still stood in front of us to get to Kokkola. Around sunset we eventually arrived at our accomodation which was beatiful and it was near to the sea. We stayed in wooden bungallows and the programes were in the same building for everyone. The next day all the other nations arrived and only on that day did the programes start.

We started our days with breakfast and right after it we listened to lectures. And we also had a 30 minutes coffee break. Then came the lunch. I have a special food allergy and they were really kind since they always made me gluten free meals. After lunch we had free time and we also had different creative activites in the afternoons, for example: team building activities or discovering the town. In the evening we had delicious dinner and again we had our free time, which we could spend cycling, walking. All in all I had so many great experinces which Changed my thinking a bit and my speaking skills advanced also a lot. We discovered different cultures and I made lifelong friendships.


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