Intervertion for Youth – Youth Exchange

Writtten By: Tóth Szabolcs Balázs

I have been participated in a youth exchange in the city of Timisoara. The title was Intervention for youth the topics were volountairing and availability. The project’s aim was to make closer relationships between different nationality youngsters. There were participants from Romania Italy United Kingdom Spain Lithvania Portugese and Hungary.

During the 10 days we have been participated in several workshops which helped us a lot to became friends. Everyone was friendly helpfull and acceptable. I was very happy because I could forget all of my problems. Every single day was waiting for us with something new. We were facing with several unexpected situations and solvable problems. From them we learnt a lot. The first days were about to get more informations about us, we intruduced ourselves and as a result the atmosphere became more familysh.

On the 3rd day we did different tasks all over the city, so in the meantime we explored the city as well. I have known that Timisoara was the first city in Europe where established electricity system first. The local handmade beer is also famous in the city “Timisoreana”. And of course Timisoara is also full of with sights which worth to see.

The intercultural night is a great ocassion to present our country: traditional foods and costumes. That night was awsome. After the presentations we were dancing, talking and having fun together. It was an unforgettable night. Then on the following days we could choose from 4 different workshops: playing drums, juggling, theatre play and graffity. First I played on drums. I relized altough something looks easy for the first view it is not. Then I was juggling. It was easier for me than the drums. I liked it more. Last I was painting. It was amazing. I found myself in it.

And finally 4 groups had to represent each of the workshops. I was in the painting team so we made lot paintings about the project’s goals. Last but not least we discussed what happend during the project what we have learned what improved and what we still need to develop. All in all thank you for the chance I could participate in this youth exchange.

Written By: Grépály Botond

This youth exchange was a bit different than the others i have already paricipated in.x Here we were almost in the middle of the city. The group did not had to have time they could go out into the city and party there or just have a walk. This was wierd to me, im used to be with the whole group every break or every night. But we had a prety good time with those who wanted to particiate in the after activity programs like playing card games and the most basic get to know each other stuff like talking to each other.

We had a pretty fun hungarian team with a „bit” of confusion with one member who was’nt from the circle of friends at home. There were missunderstanding in some of the rules we agreed in the beginning. Our awesome leader “Manó” solved most of these problems. The programmes and workshops were fine and the grafiti one was the most exciting for me. In my group we had a romanian girl who was realy talented and with her help we made one realy artistic piece of painting as well as the other teams.

This was the final project on this youth exchange.My final thoughts that a youth exchange can be fun in plenty of ways not just the way you knew before. I can still learn a lot about people and myself so I always try to progress in my mind. I gave all of my feedbacks for the organisig team an I hope they listed carefully cause there were plenty of missunderstanding between our guy from the organisation and the romanian organisation. The lack of communication is the worst problem that can happen on a youth exchange in my opinion. In the end this was not my worst youth exchange but now I can se the problems in a wider prospetive.

Written by: Annamária Paál

In the first week of July we’ve participated in a youth exchange in Temesvár. The topic was Intervention for Youth. From seven different countries had come the youngsters, with whom we could work with for the nine days. So they arrived from Spain, Lithuania, England, Portugal, Italy and from the host country Romania. The first two days we were getting to know each other better with all kinds of name games.

On the third day we had a little contest. We were selected to little groups. Our task was to explore the city (Timisoara), to find eight places and take photos about the groups there to prove that we’ve comleted all the tasks. Who did it first earned a gift. First I didn’t enjoy this day, because my team mates were from Spain, Portugal and Italy and they communicated in Spanish, but after a little while they realized that I don’t understand them. So they switched to Engish and I could feel myself more part of the group.

Next three days we had the chance to take part in different workshopes like graffiti, drumming, juggling and theatre. I really enjoyed juggling, because I never had the best coordination, but I was neat. At the graffiti workshop I learned how to draw a man’s face. But what I most enjoyed was the theatre session. In this workshop I learnt the most about myself and my abilities. I couldn’t just perform in front of the others, but I also could express my ideas and my opinion in English. A really great team had come together, we could work together like we have known each other for ages.

The day before last day we should have to go to the street to perform what we have prepared in the three days. Unfortunately it was raining that day, before that we had beautiful weather the whole week. So we had to stay in the Youth Centre, where we performed in front of the others. Altough it was my second youth excange I have learnt a lot about myself, about exceptence and team work and also I improved my English a lot.

On the last day it was hard to say goodbye from the people I have met, but I am sure that it wasn’t the last time that we met. I was lucky to have the hungarian team to go with, we took care of each other and laughed a lot. I am looking forward the next foreign project.

Written By: Vernyik Gábor

I took part in a Youth Exchange in Temesvar in theme of Intervetion for Youth. For me was the first occasion when I can participate in such program. I was waiting really excitedly the program beacuse of different reasons. The main reason why I made the decision to apply for the exchange was that I would like to improved my english skills on the other hand I would like to made friends from other countries and learnt about their cultures. All in all sevens countires participated in the Youth Exchange like: Romania Italy United Kingdom Spain Lithvania Portugese and Hungary. I was afraid of the program because I didn’t have any idea how this program works. Fortunatelly in the first days everything became clear what kind of programs will be there. The romanians team who were the host team were very well prepared for this exchange. In every days were new things. The agenda was full with programs and these were excited. We got every information early. Naturally we also had time to relax between the programs. The thing what I liked the best was that in everyday other countires were selected to help the programs be in good mood. I think about the energizers, making the night events, organizing the programs helping in the dish washing and keeping the rooms in clear state. The strenght of the nations was feelable. Every night we spent the time together with speaking and laughing and knowing each other better.

The first days were about to get more informations about us, we intruduced ourselves and as a result the atmosphere became more familysh. With various type of games could we learn more about us, especially others names. Due to the large numbers of the participants we could learn hardly every single names. Day to day I was able to learn more and more names. In the first day we just talked with our team more or less but slowly we started to speak everybody using english. Making the contacts were help with we were devided into small groups.

After the first days when we had already known each other we went to explore Timisoara. Devided into small groups could we learn about Timisoara and its shights and beauties. First of all every team found out a teamname and afterthat we explored the city by specified tasks. One of the days we have chance to talk with various type of people face to face in fifteen minutes about the EVS (European Voluntary Service), agriculture, environment protection.

There also were four workshops like juggling, theather drumming and graffiti which were the biggest part of the Youth Exchange. Everybody was oppurtunity to took part three of these workshops. So you could participate one workshop per day. On the fourth day we need to select one workshop which was the best for us and we practiced a lot to we are going to be able to lecture own works on the fitfh day in front of the audience. The graffiti team draw a lot beautiful large picture, the juggling team found out a good show with their own maufactured balls. Finally the theathre team did a lecture. The shows were happend in a good athposhere and the feedback was really positiv from everybody.

The intercultural evening were the unmissable event during the exchange where every nation could present their own country. Every nation brang many foods sweets drinks and we could tasted it. Some nations did bracelet using the national colors to the others. We sang some hungarian folk musics like „Nád a házam teteje” and „Tavaszi szél vizet áraszt”. The Lithvanians did a quize who could the answer to the quiestions got a bracelet. The Italians present some italian motions with their arms and if you could anwser you got some gifts. After the formal event the rest of the day was similarly very good.

The last day we got some time to relax and thinking about the programs. We had chance to give some feedback like what was the best, and if had some problem with the program what was that, what need to do in other way in the future an so on. All in all I think my first Youth Exchange was very good. I gained many experiences and got feelings and maked friends too. I hope in the future have chance for me to take part again on a similar Youth Exchange.

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