Our Common Path – EVS Project

Finland – 20.08 – 05.10.2018

Written by: Andor S. Tari


After arriving we spent a one week long training in Kokkola where we got all information about the project. I met the other participants and the mentors. We came from the 8 following countries: Luxembourg, Romania, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Slovenia and of course Hungary.

On the training we got details about Erasmus+ and our part in the project in the upcoming weeks. We of course spent a day in the spectacular City of Kokkola in a City Run. We spent that week in Villa Elba, which is a traditional Finnish architecture. We had an opportunity to try the finnish sauna.

We moved to Perho on the last day of the first week, which is a very small Finnish village.  During the project we lived in the living quarters of the local school. On the next day we met our new mentors and got all information of the job. We met with the tools we had to use and we also learn it’s Finnish name.

We worked in the Salamajärvi National Park. Our main tasks were:  renovate the hiking roots, building and repair of the so called “pitkospuu” for places that hard to reach. We worked in two groups, because the project had 18 participants. The members of the groups changed every week, because that help to the participant to know each other better.

The first week in Perho was only a warm up to know the tasks. The real work started the next week. My group had to repair the pitkospuu. The mentor helped us to practice the workflow but we could work independently.

The mentors also  give us a lot of opportunities to spend our free time. We could try: horse riding, archery, kayak, hiking, Finnish sauna and hunting simulator.

Towards the end of the project we had the chance to introduce our country to the local citizens. Fortunately they were very open and interested.

The weather was very pleasant  compared to the average. In the end of the project the temperature was mostly under 10°C. And it was snowing on the morning of our departure.

Overall I was very satisfied with the project, it was a very pleasant trip for me. It was a huge step in my English and social skills.

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