EVS Diary – Young Europe Without Racism, Rimpar 2018

September 2018,

Time is flying. It was only a couple of months and a couple of weeks ago, when it was somewhat misty that I had to leave and move to Germany for a year and now… It just happened… September just arrived and there is nothing left, just to go ahead. I have my tickets, I have my packages (okay packing was fewer success as I had everything packed just before leaving) and so I had to go…

I have arrived. I would not say that the way or the first week was smooth, but that was all right. The way seemed incredible long. Not to mention that I was in a huge hurry and so I arrived one day before, and the organization could not host me, so I spent the first night in Wurzburg at another EVS house. That night was, of course, very pleasant and relaxing. I felt good. Behind me, all the “problems” (packing, tickets, what-where-when), and I’m in bed soon to be sleeping.

In Rimpar at the first week we went to the local government,  we checked in (as we are going to live here for a year), made a bank account, went to school, kindergarten, daytime home. We’ve met a lot of people we’ll be working together later. For my roommate Val, it was a little harder for her to start everything. She came with her parents and had to go through farewell. Val, is a French 18-year-old girl, from Strassburg, which is about 2-300 km away. In the beginning, Val’s mother was a great help because she bought us some household items and food, and as an experienced housewife she took things we did not think, we would need at the first day.

We cooked, drew, friended with our environment!
Then we met Julia and Julia (Julschi). We worked with them in the coming weeks. At the second week, everything went better. At the weekend I had the 22nd birthday. As a present I received a very nice video from my friends. It’s been a lot of fun and I am really missing everyone!

Lutz and Val took me to breakfast in IKEA, and even after almost 2 weeks we hardly knew anyone, but our colleagues came too, so we could spent some time together. It was very good. My mom and Daddy visited this weekend and we were together and walked around in Würzburg. It was very nice and I was really happy that they came.

We got to know our mentors as well, and we started learning German too. Everything was running nicely… It was important to our boss Lutz that, to take us day by day to work, (not everything at once) so we had our time, and process. In the third week we were preparing for the big event of the week: WELTKINDERTAG (= World-Day). It was a great event that had to be helped all day. As helping we packed pads, we sold cake or curry wurst, we played with 5-year-olds and so on. To be honest at the end of the day we weren’t able to even to move, and it came to us very well that we were free on the following day. Then life went on. Organizing one or two papers, organizing a trip to the introductory seminar, etc.

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