EVS Diary – Young Europe Without Racism, Rimpar 2018

November 2018.

It’s already December. The weather is not warm anymore and the sun also disappeared. It comes up very late and so we have to start the day in greyness. This colour doesn’t help us to be happy and energetic, we are rather kind of tired, kind of sad. The winter always bring up some feelings of “lostness”, but it’s also shows us how to love again. We make tea, cookies, we put on some warm blankets, meet with friends for a Glühwein, and so on. But now back to November.

This month was quite easier than October. I didn’t have to go doctors. I was meeting with Ana a lot, and I also had the chance to go home for a few days. It was very important to meet with my family. They always recharge me. Also I could meet with Niki and that was rewarding too, I am so sorry that we are so far away from each other, and we just can’t meetup for 5 minutes, and hug and talk. It’s not always easy.

We also have met with the other EVS volunteers in Würzburg. It is always a little bit stressy for me as there are too many people and I find it hard to talk with them as I don’t like small talks recently, but with 20 people it’s hard to connect. But I find it super nice that there are so many stories, so many cultures, and so many languages in this group. It’s seriously intercultural.

In November we also started our “new” Germany course, as the previous teacher didn’t have any more time. It was nice and rewarding. After the course we could stay and be a part of the French lesson for other people. It was my very first attempt to a French course and I was super motivated. Anyway let’s face that, learning French in German is quite challenging…

Any my favourite event was the Gemeinde Cooking day. We had the chance to try French cuisine and not only tasting, but cooking it. We were there probably 20 people, and we made a lots of different meal. I just loved it. It was very delicious and the atmosphere was super.

So that was my November in very short…

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