ESC in Ulster Wildlife: Practical Conservation Volunteer


EVS volunteers assist Ulster Wildlife in practical conservation activities to manage Nature Reserves across Northern Ireland. The activities are practical and physical and much of the work is outdoors. The tasks change with the seasons (e.g. in winter there is a lot of tree work and in summer there is a lot of grass cutting) and involve the regular use of handtools, powertools and machinery e.g. strimmers, motorized scythes, etc. 
The Nature Reserves are across Northern Ireland and are different types of habitat, including an Urban Reserve in Belfast. 

Most of the activities will be on the Reserves or preparing for this work. There may also be the opportunity to spend some time assisting other work of the organisation. Ulster Wildlife encourages their EVS volunteers to undertake a personal project which is of interest to the volunteer and organisation.


Volunteers will live in shared accommodation in South or East Belfast, along with EVS volunteers from other projects. Volunteers will have their own bedroom and will share kitchen, living room & bathroom. 
Volunteers will receive food money and volunteer allowance weekly and will be provided with bus cards for local travel.


The volunteer will receive induction and orientation on arrival and will receive appropriate role-related training. They may also have access to a range of additional training related to environment and conservation.
The volunteer will attend the On Arrival Training and Mid-Term Evaluation.


The tasks are physical, practical conservation activities which are mostly done outdoors, so the volunteer must be interested in working outdoors in all seasons. Applicants should be aware that some of the activities can be physically demanding.


Pesticides/herbicides are used in practical management of nature reserves in the UK and within Ulster Wildlife Reserves. The Northern Ireland Environment Agency (part of our local government) insist that these are used for removing scrub and invasive species, but we are aware that in some countries this is not the normal practice and volunteers applying for this placement must be comfortable with this approach. Volunteers receive appropriate training for all their activities, including the safe use of pesticides, and are provided with appropriate clothing.

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