ESC in Bad Kissingen: Sinnbergsschule

Sinnbergsschule  in Bad Kissingen, Germany is looking for a volunteer for 11 months, starting from September2019.

Please be aware that the project is not approvet yet. If you are interested in the place and the task, it is important for you to register now so you can get a chance to develop the project with the organization around your expectations and needs.

About Sinnbergsschule 

The Sinnberg Volksschule is a public elementary school for around 330 children. A whole series of the offers should give to the children the opportunity to develop their personality. The special offers in music, sport, reading, theatre, bicycle, experiencing nature and social interaction are going to shape their day at school. In the all-day field also in the afternoon the children are taken care of and receive diverse free- time offers, which take place in the Youth Culture Centre in Bad Kissingen.

To apply for this opportunity, please  fill out the form below.

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