ESC in Hammelburg: Kindergartens St. Marien und St. Joseph

Kindergartens St. Marien und St. Joseph in Hammelburg, Germany are looking for a volunteer for 10 months, starting from October 2019.

Please be aware that the project is not approvet yet. If you are interested in the place and the task, it is important for you to register now so you can get a chance to develop the project with the organization around your expectations and needs.

About Kindergartens St. Marien und St. Joseph

We are integrative day nursery with a crèche and kindergarten-group which belongs to a catholic church. We look after children from 6 month to 6 years. We are open: from 7 a.m. till 4:30 p.m.

Children learn with their head and their heart. The confidence of the adults in the skills and abilities of each child and its power, ultimately determines our attitude and educational for us. It is the starting point of any educational action.

We would like that the children:
– explore the world with every senses and the stimulus-rich world of experience of the kindergarten outside and inside,
– are encouraged to bring their skills and interests to develop through their imagination and creativity,
– learn to act independently, making them self-confident. This includes their own responsibility to be able to act and decide with whom, where and with what they want to play and learn.

To apply for this opportunity, please  fill out the form below.

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