ESC in Hammelburg: Kinderkiste

Kinderkiste is looking for a volunteer for 10 months, starting from October 2019.

Please be aware that the project is not approvet yet. If you are interested in the place and the task, it is important for you to register now so you can get a chance to develop the project with the organization around your expectations and needs.

About Kinderkiste

The KinderKiste is a day care centre for school children between 6 and 14 years.

They come with a bus after school to the centre, become something warm to eat (fresh cooked meal) and they can work on their homeworks and become some support. At the end the children have the opportunity to spend their leisure time in various function spaces.

The main aim of the institution is to show the positive and self-determined leisure activities to the children, that the children can learn creatively and actively deal with free time. For this purpose, the centre offers possibilities for the creative, household, sport and practical areas.

To apply for this opportunity, please  fill out the form below.

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