ESC in Rimpar: Jugendzentrum

Jugendzentrum in Rimpar, Germany is looking for a volunteer for 12 months, starting from September 2019

Please be aware that the project is not approvet yet. If you are interested in the place and the task, it is important for you to register now so you can get a chance to develop the project with the organization around your expectations and needs.

About Markt Rimpar

These are fundamental objectives of the community of Markt Rimpar: to put children and adolescents at the center of local efforts and to strengthen families and to build facilities for children and young people in the local community.

The community youth work in Markt Rimparcurrently includes the following key tasks: 
– Youth centers Gramschatz, Maidbronn and Rimpar: open youth work (hip-hop project, go-karting, graffiti, etc.)
– Hüttendorf – Project: management adventure playground in the summer holidays in close cooperation with the parents’ initiative 
– Holiday programs: organizing, planning and carrying out of actions and measures in the Easter, Whitsun and autumn holidays
– Outreach Youth Work: join with young people at their meeting points, addressing their issues, promoting them in the market town of hearing, but also address negative impacts of their actions and needs
– Barbecue Project: since 2007 Design, Build and Maintain the square with teacher Michael Walter and his respective classes of Maximilian Kolbe School Rimpar
– Universal Children’s Da: in September on the barbecue
– Networking – Intern with clubs and associations, the Friends KiJuRim, the two Christian churches and the local companies and businesses, market Ext with other social workers especially in the district of Würzburg, inter alia, the network youth work e.V.,
– cooperation with authorities such as District Office and police coordination of rubbish collection etc.

The volunteers will have the chance to participate in the organisation of different tasks and events and, if applicable, execute them. There will be the chance to propose own ideas and realize them.
The volunteers will support the Youthcentres in Rimpar and Maidbronn regularily.

To apply for this opportunity, please  fill out the form below.

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