ESC in Würzburg: Mönchbergsschule

Mönchbergsschule in Würzburg, Germany is looking for a volunteer for 11 months, starting from September 2019.

Please be aware that the project is not approvet yet. If you are interested in the place and the task, it is important for you to register now so you can get a chance to develop the project with the organization around your expectations and needs.

About Mönchbergsschule

The Mönchbergschule is a primary and secondary school. School with German as a second
language in the intercultural learning in many areas is realized!

The Mönchbergschule is entitled:
School without Racism – School with Courage. Currently, 270 pupils attend the Mönchbergschule.
They learn in 14 classes, 8 middle school transition classes and 6 classes in elementary school, two transitional classes.

Idea of the school: diversity, anti-discrimination, learning together, appreciative handling of each other 
Focus: German as a second language, intercultural learning, preparation for further educational institutions, cooperation between GS and MS, open and bound full day,
Promotion and integration of children and adolescents (1st to 9th year) with a migration background as a beginner, intercultural learning (currently 41 different countries of origin)
Intensive youth social work. Active European school partnership with a primary school in Caen / France (Ecole de la Pigaciere) continuously since 1989
Educational concept: to convey appreciation through community activities (monthly school parties, partner class projects, projects with external partners), in order to create motivation for integration.
The main task of the volunteer is to create and to support the school community. The person should establish contact with the children and youth in the school, accompany the work of the social pedagogue, help with the school projects, prepare their own activities, support working groups, etc.

To apply for this opportunity, please  fill out the form below.

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