We Officially Wrapped Up 2018!

In 11 January 2019, we wrapped the last year with a presentation, which had already became a tradition in recent years.

In the event that took place in the Youth Hose, we shared the highlights of 2018, which included Veresi Youth Festival, which was organized for the third time this year, or the Veresegyházi King Meeting and Witch Burning. We talked about our international projects, which this year provided the opportunity for nearly 50 youngsters to participate in short or long projects abroad and we expect to reach more than 100 youngster this year.

Our volunteers and the members of Támaszpont MOPKA reported our professional achievements, out-of-school workshops for the local schools, weekly activities at the Youth House, and our plans for 2019.

The evening was great, and compared with the last year the increased number of participants and guests made us really happy! Of course, this year, the spotlight was on our volunteers who talked about our projects through their personal stories.

A big thanks to everyone who supported us this year! We’ll continue to be active and share opportunitues for all of you in 2019!

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