Networking for Solidarity! Seminar – Call for Participants

We are looking for 2 youth workers or teachers to participate in a week long seminar in Kokkola, Finland! The seminar, Networking for Solidarity, will be held during 7-14 April 2019 and will include information about European Solidarity Corps program and projects, solidarity and social inclusion.

About the Seminar
During the meeting we discuss with our partners about the new Solidarity Corps program and how we can develop our own work and services through the new activities the program offers. At the time of the meeting, many partners have started solidarity projects, and during the seminar, the idea is to exchange information and experiences on how projects have started, what kind of things to think and what works well. During the meeting we also discuss solidarity as a theme: what it means to us at the organization level and what network.

The aim of the meeting is to develop the expertise of the organizations involved in the Solidarity Agendas program, to sharpen the cooperation patterns and to establish a consensus on what solidarity means in our cooperation and projects. Working methods include group work, discussion sessions, project presentations as well as expert referrals.

The project responds to the Erasmus + program’s objective of developing the quality of youth work and improving cooperation in the youth field. In the network, knowledge and experience are a valuable asset for the actors, and by sharing, networking can be developed and cooperation can be strengthened, and so we can offer young people more high-quality projects.

The applications for this call is closed, since we already found the participants. You can check our other opportunities here!

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