“Innovating Musicultural Visions” – Call for Participants

We are looking for 5 participants, who are between 18 and 24 years old, to participate in youth exchange in Sant’Agata de’ Goti, Italy! The project will take place between 4-14 May 2019 .

About the project
IMV is a project born with the purpose of giving participants a new vision over different forms of arts and how they are connected to our bodies and minds. As humans we are a whole unique thing. Despite what we usually think, body and mind are strictly connected, even better they are just the same thing. For this reason the good that comes from the body directly influences our mind and the other way around. So really important for us in recoognizing this connection and get the best out of it. The body is a mean of expression and wellness, and being comfortable with it its crucial for living a long satisfying life. Thus, we thought about a series of activities aiming to enhance the relationship with our bodies, overcome shyness and learn new ways of self expressions, while experimenting new approaches for connecting with other people, nature and everything else near us also.

A programonként változó utazási költséget a résztvevők fizetik. Ezt beszámolóik elküldése és a projekt lezárása után visszakapják. Ezen kívül a részvételi díj minden mobilitási programnál egységesen 15.000Ft. Ettől az ifjúsági csere programok csoportvezetői esetében eltekintünk. Amennyiben a jelentkezőnek gondot okoz az összeg kifizetése lehetőség van támogatás igénylésére is. 

Here is how the project will look like:
Mornings: the start of the day will be well organized and focused on giving participants an example of good habits to stick with in thei daily life to enhance the quality of their morning and days. We called this day starting special routine “IMV Morning”. In will include energizers, exercises with music, breakfast and yoga, stretching and so on and it will be different every day. Every partner can participate with a different proposal about it.

Middle Morning activity: based on the time table we’ll be doing some activity about art and music and self expression, same in the afternoon.

Evenings: usually evening will be centered on reflections and relaxing activities. Also there will be Partner Evenings with you presenting your country and your costumes.

We already have a Group Leader for this, who already been to Italy to start planning this project and he has message for you:

“The first thing we learn in Italy is that the siesta time is holy and cannot be disturbed. At the moment we’re enjoying it as we finished a long meeting about organizing the youth exchange program called “Innovating Musicultural Visions” which will be held in the beautiful medieval town of Sant’Agata de’Goti in May. We will have a taste of each different nations’ participant’s own traditional music culture and we’ll also have some experience of a new and special kind of music, the Body Music. I can’t wait for it!”

The applications for this call is closed, since we already found the participants. You can check our other opportunities here!

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