“E+ Youth-Activizenship” Training Course – Open Call for Participants

We are looking for 3 youth workers or teachers who are over 18 years old, to participate in training course “E+ Youth-Activizenship” in Rovereto, Italy between 27 July – 4 August 2019!

This is the first part of a two volume training course, and the second part of will be in Baitz, Germany between 8-16 November.

About the project
The KA1 Erasmus+ project E+ Youth-Activizenship aims to enhance youth participation in 10 communities in Europe. Participation is key for inclusion and resilience of youth in our society that is becoming more fragmented and complex. We clustered 4 major constraints to youth participation:

1) participation and legal status;
2) participation and gender;
3) participation and educational background;
4) participation and religion.

Based on the 4 clusters, the project improves competences/methods/tools of participants thus increasing the involved NGOs’ capacities to reach out and empower youth not engaging in social and political life.

• To further professionalise youth workers by making them experience and reflect on innovative methods and tools which they can acquire and use to foster youth participation in their respective communities;
• To foster the bottom-up development of youth participation action plans based on evidence and experience of participants using four thematic clusters of participation as a theoretical framework.

A programonként változó utazási költséget a résztvevők fizetik. Ezt beszámolóik elküldése és a projekt lezárása után visszakapják. Ezen kívül a részvételi díj minden mobilitási programnál egységesen 15.000Ft. Ettől az ifjúsági csere programok csoportvezetői esetében eltekintünk. Amennyiben a jelentkezőnek gondot okoz az összeg kifizetése lehetőség van támogatás igénylésére is.  

The applications for this call is closed, since we already found the participants. You can check our other opportunities here!

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