EVS in Ankara, Turkey: “Documentary on Volunteerism” and “Intercultural Orientation Team”

Gençlik Servisleri Merkezi (Youth Services Centre) in Ankara, Turkey is looking for EVS volunteers for 5 months for 2 projects: “Documentary on Volunteerism” and “Intercultural Orientation Team”.

Documentary on Volunteerism

Responsibilities of Volunteers
The activity will host 6 volunteers in total (1 volunteer from each organization). During the activity, volunteers will have a chance to visit voluntary youth workcamps, and contact with inhabitants, local young people and other volunteers.
The volunteers will make interviews, round table meetings with the local administratives, local young people, and hosting organizations of the workcamps to collect data which is going to be helpful to understand the e helpful to understand the efficiency of the voluntary projects.
Volunteers will visit at least 4 different local voluntary projects in different cities, and at the end of the activity volunteers are going to prepare a blog and documentary about volunteerism and its effects on young people. This blog will be added to youth media portal. This blog will be used to promote the volunteerism and EVS program.

Basic Duties
• Taking photos of Workcamps and organize interviews with volunteers, camp leaders, municipality, major, local inhabitants to document the workcamps.
• Update the blog and prepare a social media strategy to disseminate and promote the blog.

• Volunteers will have chance to visit 5 different cities to attend to workcamps. They will have chance to benefit of the social and cultural activities of the workcamps.
• Volunteers will have different courses on specific topics for first month of their activity dates.
• Also all volunteers can participate any other project or activities that GSM organizes.
o Turkish courses, (4 hours a week)
o Photography Courses (4 hours a week)
o Courses on journalism (citizens media, how to interview and write article etc.) (6 hours at total)

Target Group
Any young people between the age of 18-30 who
• are able to use different social media tools,
• are interested in editing photos, videos at basic level and able to communicate at basic level of English for interviews.

“Intercultural Orientation Team”

Responsibilities of Volunteers:
The activity will be 4 months and will host 2 volunteers at total (1 volunteer from Italy and Hungary). The volunteers will be the “Intercultural Orientation Team” and will have responsibilities to support and preparation of the Turkish young people who are going to travel abroad and attend intercultural exchanges, trainings, voluntary activities or any possibility about internship or higher education. So the “Intercultural Orientation Team” which is gathered by EVS volunteers, are going to organize specific events and prepare documents about basic information about countries, practical information on travelling and any event to motivate young people who are going to go abroad in summer for their voluntary youth Workcamps.

Basic Duties:
• Organize an event every 2 months to present one country by providing basic information on daily life,culture and DO’s and DON’T’s. (such as German night French night, intercultural party etc).
• Prepare information kits on , Traveling Abroad: Traveling Cheap, Security, Information Resources about advises on travelling abroad.
• To update EVS website of GSM.
• To update the bulletin that the previous EVS volunteers started to prepare (promote the EU opportunities for young people and promote EVS and other voluntary opportunities).
• To update the blog based on volunteerism that the previous volunteers already started.

• Volunteers will have chance to attend any project and activities that the GSM organizes.
• Also the first month is shared for some courses for the EVS volunteers. o Turkish courses (4 hours a week) o Youth Work Training for Trainers (24 hours at total)

The applications for this call is closed, since we already found the participants. You can check our other opportunities here!

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