EVS Diary – Young Europe Without Racism, Rimpar, December 2018

December 2018

So, I haven’t sent anything since November. First of all, excuse me for that… Although in my defence, Life goes so fast, even my personal diary can’t keep up… But I will try my best, tell you the funny and the interesting parts of this projects so far.

Also, please be a little patient, and accept my apology for my English. As I am not using this language anymore on a daily basis, my words and sentences are becoming somehow easier, and not quite how it was before.

All that you have to know it’s already a half year… I would say half year can change people, even a day can change a lot but half year…
So in December, we had a seminar, that was awesome. Somehow I need a lot of time recently to open up in front of a group, and also using German doesn’t make it easier… Anyway these seminars are really helpful, and create a lots of new thoughts… and for sure arguments. And this case these arguments are somewhat necessary and make better understanding in several topics.

Also we had Nikolaus Day. That means Nikolaus (nope, not the red-white American version, but the gold-purple Saint Nikolaus who helps families version) came. And at the Hort (here come the children after school) we had to help. At first just imagine the situation: you are sitting next to 50 children and a 100 parents and sister/ brothers, and you have been told, you should help to sing, and take care that everything is ok. That’s fine. And then they gave you like 5 pages of different songs that you have never heard before and surely as they are in German you don’t understand the half of it either. This is the point when you realise that in high school those, boring tasks at Christmas to sing together some bulls**t songs, does make sense… ‘cuz next year you are sitting with a bunch of German children and that knowledge would be very, very useful at the moment. (here I would love to thank to my German teacher Helga, back in the Trefort, ’cuz , I know at least some songs thanks to her, and that saved my life! So Vielen vielen dank!)

After that we survived, a Nikolaus Tag, a huge meeting with all the people who are working in the municipality, a so-called party in the youth centre, finally we were legitimated to go home. 2 weeks, of Hungarian language, food, family, my doggo.

Oh pure heaven!

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