“(Demo)cracy” Youth Exchange – Call for a Group Leader

We are looking for a group leader for the youth exchange (Demo)cracy, which will take place in Mlynky, Slovakia between August 21 – September 2. The youth leaders are expected to take part in a planning meeting, which will take part in May/June and also expected to support the participants before/during/after the exchange.

Project Description
– Aim is to encourage young people, our participants, to actively participate in public life at local, national and European level. Specifically we want to motivate them to participate in elections (local, national and European), to do research before voting, to vote responsibly and also to participate in public life not only during elections. We want to motive them to be responsible young citizens.
– We will achieve this with week long simulation of democratic society, where participants can vote, candidate for elections, protest, call for referendum and experience intensive democratic experience.

To apply for this project, please fill out the form below.

Type of Travel Document
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State or Region
By checking this box, I accept if I will be chosen to take part in the training, I will make a meeting (online/offline) with Támaszpont MOPKA after the training activities to review the whole process and my experiences. I will also fill out the feedback and reflection form that will be sent after the training as well.
I want to recieve monthly newsletter from Támaszpont MOPKA about future opportunities.

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