“Participation is Power” Training Course – Open Call for Participants

We are looking for 4 youth workers or teachers who are over 18 years old, to participate in training course “Participation is Power” in Bodo Village, Romania between 24 June – 2 July 2019

About the Project
“Participation is Power” is a training course that aims to develop the capacity of youth workers and teachers to encourage young people to become active citizens, involve in structured dialogue and policy-making.

Objectives are :
•  Developing the competences of 27 youth workers for the preparation, implementation and evaluating activities that encourage young people to participate at local, national and European level for 8 months.
•  Encouraging 27 youth workers to involve at least 480 young people with fewer opportunities in structured dialogue and the development of youth policy at local and European level for 8 months.
• Assimilation of new tools and methods of working with young people on active participation and citizenship.
• Competence development of 27 youth workers and 7 organizations to communicate with authorities public and institutions to shape sustainable youth policy.
• Discovering and promoting the process of structured dialogue at the local and European level.

All methods that will be used during the program are non-formal education methods based on teamwork, creative workshops, interactive presentation and socio-educational animation.

A programonként változó utazási költséget a résztvevők fizetik. Ezt beszámolóik elküldése és a projekt lezárása után visszakapják. Ezen kívül a részvételi díj minden mobilitási programnál egységesen 15.000Ft. Ettől az ifjúsági csere programok csoportvezetői esetében eltekintünk. Amennyiben a jelentkezőnek gondot okoz az összeg kifizetése lehetőség van támogatás igénylésére is. 

Please fill out the form below to apply for this opportunity.

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By checking this box, I accept if I will be chosen to take part in the training, I will make a meeting (online/offline) with Támaszpont MOPKA after the training activities to review the whole process and my experiences. I will also fill out the feedback and reflection form that will be sent after the training as well.
I want to recieve monthly newsletter from Támaszpont MOPKA about future opportunities.

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