Here’s What We Did in April!

This month was busy as always! We did the premiere of our theatre in education project, went out and enjoyed the spring with various events, spread our Erasmus+ projects and celebrated European Youth Week! Read them out on more detail in here.

“Te döntesz!” is on its way!

After nearly a year of persistent work, we proudly announce that our new theatre in education program is ready! The first play took place on April 26, 2019 at the Váci Mihály Cultural Center in Veresegyház.

“Te döntesz!” (You Decide!) is a new preventive lecture that combines the tools of the theater which are affect emotions, with prevention. One part of the theatre in education program consists of pre-written scenes acted by amateur actors on stage, through which a 5-member group of friends emerges. Each member of the team goes through a lifestyle that relies on addiction, to reflect on the intertwining of the most common causes and fates.

Some parts of the play are interrupted by drug prevention expert narrations that help viewers in deeper interpretation. Our goal is to give thought and to provide credible information on the subject.

Who we recommend for?
For anyone who has interest in the topic, youngsters (above 13 years old), parents, teachers, professional of the youth field, social workers and furthermore for anyone who can face a problem.

We consider it important that the performance get as many places as possible, so we will start a national tour in the near future. If you want your city to be one of the stations in our tour, do not hesitate to contact us!

For more information and contact, visit our website!

Spring is here!

As the weather gets better and better, there are many opportunities to join for local events outdoor. To celebrate the Day of Earth in Veresegyház, there was an annual game for elementary school students and their families around one of our beautiful lake. Local NGO’s and the institutions of the municipality created stations with different challenges. At Támaszpont MOPKA station, the teams had to separate different kinds of waste and throw them into the right bins! Also we talked about what can we do with batteries and pills that are not allowed to put in a normal thrash bin. 37 teams in total accomplished the game, and we had so much fun together!

At 1st of May we joined to a city holiday in the middle of a pine forest. It was a pleasure to meet youngsters and parents and spread the opportunities we can offer them. We made art craft with the help of our EVS volunteer and we built a serious “laser” field between trees – that symbolised a museum with the Holy Grail to steal – where the kids could test their spy skills!

We’ll also be present at the Children’s Day on May 26 in the pine forest, don’t forget to stop by and say hi!

German Conversation Club is Ready to Start!

With fresh new energy and motivation, we can finally announce the new concept of the German Club!

After we got some feedback on how it could be improved and what we can do better, we decided to sit down together and come up with a new concept for our German Club. We changed the name to “German Conversation Club”, because now the club will focus more on speaking. It is also more based on the needs of the participants and the students. We changed the time as well, from 6.30pm-8pm to 5.30 – 6.30pm.

Now the focus is more on speaking, which means that we will more talk about topics the participants are interested in. Together, we will create a story or small drama and play out daily life situations (like how to order a pizza, or ask for a ticket) with small conversations, which will be more useful for you if you have a bit of knowledge on how to speak German.

But we didn’t forget about the German culture as well. Swenja, our German Volunteer, will talk about some topics, problems and challenges in German society, and also about the German art and daily lifestyle as well.

The first German Conversation Club will be on 9th of May, at 5:30 PM. We’re looking forward to see you there!

Eurodesk trainings!

Spring is also time to provide information widely for youth about Erasmus+. As Támaszpont MOPKA is a regional coordinator organisation of Eurodesk, we kept trainings with the help of our EVS volunteers in Szerb Antal Secondary School and in Károlyi Mihály Spanish-Hungarian Secondary School. We went through on every opportunities and talked about the benefits of the programs in a gamificated way, where also our volunteers shared their experiences as well.

Friday workshops are still on!

Our foundation consider non formal education as the best way to quality learning processes. During school time we host two classes from elementary school every friday to think together about important issues, sensiteze them for acceptance help with the classes groupdinamic through team building activities. These sessions also increase the possibility of the future engagement of the kids to become participants in our programs or volunteers at the foundation.

European Youth Week Debate

Támaszpont MOPKA is dedicated to raise awareness for active participation and critical thinking. As a part of European Youth Week, we organised a debate about “Democracy and Me” with three of our partner organisations: Association Co-Efficient, Radar Youth Office, H52 Youth Office and TIA.

Every organisation created a three member team from youngsters between age 17-25 and also had one mentor per team who took charge in a preparation workshop before the debate. On May 2, the teams had to debate on statements pro and contra for example: “My vote does not count”.

Every team were well prepared we had a very tense afternoon with great arguments. At the last round the team of Támaszpont MOPKA and the team of H52 were discussing and the team of H52 won the event. In the end, all the teams won a ticket to an escape room and the first team was awarded the participation of (DEMO)CRACY youth exchange in Slovakia with all of the expenses covered. We thank all the participants, mentors and partners who put great effort to prepare for this event and made it so successful!

This is it for the April!
Big thanks to everyone who participated in our activities and made this month so colorful! Don’t forget to check in this month to see what we’re up to!

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