EVS Diary – Young Europe Without Racism, Rimpar, January – February 2019

And then came January.

And “los geht’s!”. So we started the “early-French”-course in the school. And yes, as a Hungarian non-French speaker, I am also helping teaching German kids to speak French… What a multikulti situation. Anyways, after a few lesson, I had to realize that the school system is not my cup of tea. I can’t function how I want in this field. So, one more job that I will surely not do in the future. (I am quite good at crossing out fields)

We had a Pyjama party! Yeyy! It was so much fun, I made “new” friends, basically by asking why do they hate me… and with honesty, and real talking we have gone through the misunderstandings.

And so came February. I have to tell February was all about family.

A family member passed away, and so I travelled home, to help, and to be with my beloved ones. Than Me and my Mom had our “yearly girls’ days”, which consist, going to the embedded-world conference, trying to get as much information as possible, and eat only pancakes for lunch. This year we also find Nurnberg’s best breakfast place, and sure we going to go back!

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