“World of Diversity” Training Course – Open Call for Participants

We are looking for 4 youth workers or teachers who are over 18 years old, to participate in training course “World of Diversity” in Bankso, Bulgaria between 31 July – 8 August 2019

About the project

The aim of this project is to increase the level of sensitivity of youth workers about the traits of the mainstream culture and enhance the benefits of the inclusion of different ethnic and other minority groups by offering ways to facilitate this process. The focus of the project is to make participants aware of the responsibilities they have and the capacity they have to make changes.

Project objectives are:

  • to increase awareness of 42 youth workers from 12 organizations from 11 countries for the issues of discrimination and its effect on the young people they work with;
  • to increase the understanding of stereotyping of 42 youth workers and support them to develop skills for deconstructing stereotypes;
  • to build capacity upon participants for cooperation, dialogue making and critical thinking through the provided possibilities for experience from different aspects and build respect towards different points of view;
  • to motivate participants to make a positive change in their own work and the culture of institutions and organizations they work in;
  • to exchange innovative educational practices of social inclusion in the field of youth;
  • to strengthen participants’ knowledge of the Erasmus + Programme and to provide them with the context to develop new project ideas stemming from the exchanges and learning acquired during the training.

A programonként változó utazási költséget a résztvevők befizetik alapítványunk részére, amiből megvásároljuk a jegyeket. Ezt beszámolóik elküldése és a projekt lezárása után visszakapják. Ezen kívül a részvételi díj minden mobilitási programnál egységesen 18.000Ft. Ettől az ifjúsági csere programok csoportvezetői esetében eltekintünk. Amennyiben a jelentkezőnek gondot okoz az összeg kifizetése lehetőség van támogatás igénylésére is.

The applications for this call is closed, but you can check our other opportunities here!

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