“SCORE – Sports aCtivating yOuth and pRomoting Empowerment” Youth Exchange – Open Call for Participants and Group Leader

We are looking for 4 participants, who are between 17 and 30 years old to participate in youth exchange “SCORE – Sports aCtivating yOuth and pRomoting Empowerment“, which will take place in Viseu, Portugal between 4-11 June!

About the Project
The name of the project SCORE comes from “Sports aCtivating yOuth and pRomoting Empowerment”, with this topic Colina Fest wants to make an important contribution to help address the socio-economic changes and the challenges the region faces for growth, inclusion and social justice by using the non-formal education method to promote European values and sustainable development of societies that foster intercultural understanding and the sense of belonging to the community.

Colina Fest’s main objective is to exploit the potential of sport as a tool for inclusion, thereby preventing radicalization and violence, and empowering young people with fewer opportunities to promote the common values of the EU.

We also need a group leaderwho is at least 18 years old old and is able to support participants in the preparation of the youth exchange, during and after the activity.

A programonként változó utazási költséget a résztvevők fizetik. Ezt beszámolóik elküldése és a projekt lezárása után visszakapják. Ezen kívül a részvételi díj minden mobilitási programnál egységesen 15.000Ft. Ettől az ifjúsági csere programok csoportvezetői esetében eltekintünk. Amennyiben a jelentkezőnek gondot okoz az összeg kifizetése lehetőség van támogatás igénylésére is. 

The applications for this call is closed, since we already found the participants. You can check our other opportunities here!

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