Short Term EVS in Slovenia: “BE COOL TOUR”

Mc Krško is looking for 3 short term EVS volunteers for a month in Krško, Slovenia!

About the project
The idea for the project BE COOL TOUR was created according to the needs of young people in our local environment. The idea is to connect and help all youngsters ( with fewer opportunities, youngsters with other problems, immigrants…) Since local people accepted the project Urban Beat, we decided to continue with the activities in a new project called BE COOL TOUR.

Our goal is to bring together young people who are members of unorganized youth and create different urban activities with solidarity note, different workshops (language, music, sports..) for youngster with poor economic status, sports games at the pool, open kitchen, camping outdoor and different activities for promoting Solidarity and different cultures. For the cherry on top we will be organizing a two day urban festival, called the Genereator Festival (30 August and 31st August) with tons of activities for everyone. To name just a few: skate session/contest, graffiti painting, food fair, local NGO presentations and music concerts and much more. And just for that. . . we need your help! 🙂

We will split you into small groups and each group will be responsible for different activities. You ‘ll also need to prepare some activities for youngsters (one week of actives at the pool Brestanica and in Mc Krško)
– You will be responsible for one aspect of the festival (food fair, stage preparation, multimedia, graffiti…)
– You will be a part of the whole process and contribute your ideas to make the activities and the festival even better.
– You will make a short video about Solidarity.To apply for this opportunity, please upload your CV and motivation letter and fill out the form below.

The applications for this call is closed, but you can check our other opportunities here!

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