EVS Diary – Grow up by EVS, Veresegyház, July 2019 #1

Written by Selin Çengelkaya, July 2019

We went to Budapest today with my housemates.

Firstly, we went zoo and we did a little tour in the city. And then we turned back to our home. Actually, I learned a lot of thing about myself because today was a fully day and it is great. I saw all lot of animals. These were the first animals I ever saw. I took pictures all of them. I loved some animals such as orangutans, flamingos, monkeys and elephants.

After exiting the zoo, we walked too much. I saw new things and I discovered this city a little. The buildings were very huge and amazing. They were attractive because they fascinate people because they carry traces of history. In my opinion, the buildings and Budapest’s architecture are in harmony so that this harmony brings a different atmosphere to the city. And I took pictures that, I am too curious and I love to discover. Also, I love taking picture different things. Moreover, I noticed that, I enjoy travelling, exploring, looking for differences, getting to know other cultures and I love to keep them as souvenirs .

I have tried to find the common points and differences of this country by comparing it. The cultures, the people, the structures, the food cultures are of course different. And I learned that I am very lucky to discover different things and being a volunteer in here and working these people.

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