EVS Diary – Grow up by EVS, Veresegyház, August 2019

How would a perfect day look like for you? From the beginning to the end?

In fact, a perfect day can be described as what you love to do, a day you do that with people you love or some incidental events can make your day perfect. But I will explain it with a day of experience. It was a day at camp with kids. Firstly, I didn’t wake up early that day. This is considerable for me because when I wake up early, I feel really tired all days. It had been a perfect start. And of course a nice breakfast comes from behind.

After that I ran a little bit with the energy of the children. We watched a great video of our camp and interviews. Then we went to Veresegyház town hall. It was amazing because generally, I’ve always wondered about these places. I am always interested in management institutions, government buildings, departments within, employees, municipal buildings and I was able to see the town hall of this lovely city with the kids so I was lucky. I had the opportunity to talk to a very important politician there. He is a very respectable person and he made us a gesture and handed out gift bags. Such small gifts always make me happy.

After that, I had amazing fun with the children in the water fountain in front of the town hall. The weather was very hot and this fountain got rid of me from the heat. I had fun like kids. I think I like playing with water as much as they do. That’s why, my day was moving perfectly.

When we went back to the youth center, we had dinner. Then we continued to dance working with Andrea and Ditta. We are preparing a dance show for a very important event. I really love these two girls. I think we have a different connection with them because they make me feel like I am their older sister and I believe they have very sincere feelings. After that, it was late after having a few fun activities in bulk.

And we came to my favorite part of the camp again. Camp Fire! As every evening, stories were told, warm and sweet conversations were made. We had blackberries that evening. No matter how beautiful a day, we all got tired of running with the kids and the heat. At last, I fell asleep while listening to Hungarian fairy tale by the fire. When I woke up a few hours later, all the children were sleeping soundly. We all slept peacefully in the warm air, the heat of the campfire, the silence of the night. Those moments were one of the most beautiful peaceful memories I will never forget. As a conclusion, it was the perfect end of a perfect day!

Written by: Selin Çengelkaya

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