Short Term EVS in Portugal in February: “Viseu Jovem 2.0”

Adamastor in Viseu, Portugal is looking for a volunteer for a 45-day short term EVS project, starting from February 2020!

About the Project
Adamastor together with the Municipality of Viseu has a project called the Youth Center Fontelo, a space where diverse activities are dynamized , using the non-formal education method, aimed at young people. Just a short eg: empowering young people to become autonomous and confident to play their role as active citizens of society; digital competencies; weekly workshops of cultural sharing and tandem idioms; assisting young people by giving them access to new experiences and acquiring new skills; environmental awareness workshops; support youth being more active and gain more selfconscious about different cultures and mindsets; sense of initiative and entrepreneurship; promote trainings ‘’learning by doing’’; artistic and cultural activities

– Improvement of the 8 key competences for lifelong learning
– Knowledge in European Union project management related to Youth, Culture and Citizenship
– Deep knowledge about the EU policies involving Youth
– Promotion of Erasmus+ for the youngsters and local community
– Skills and competences in Youth Working
– Development of capacibilities in a transversal way
– Ability to be participative and active in the society
– Empowering and development of a sense of ownership, acquiring and understanding of their rights and responsibilities, and being able to exercise their voices and influence within groups and wider communities
– Ability for planning and achieve objectives and anticipated learning outcomes
– Awareness for the volunteering in the development of local communities
– Engaging in group work, led by young people exploring issues in depth
– Development of creativeness and sense if initiative
– Ability to work with young people on self awareness and addressing needs

To apply for this opportunity, please upload your CV and fill out the form below.

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