EVS Diary – Még Mindig Friss, Veresegyház, August 2019

Written by Swenja Kraus

The August ended a few days ago and so the summer will vanish away for this year too. After 11 Months in Hungary, seeing that now the exciting and adventure time is over, is sad but now also a good time to think about what happened in this summer and the last months!

You already heard from Balaton, mini projects of our short term volunteers and the Camp (A tábor) in August, but one of the most important events in Veresegyhaz is not written about yet. It is the VIF or how Veresegyhians would also say Veresegyhazi Ifjusagi Festival.

In this year something new and never happened before was part of the program, which was the Water Day. Can and me were organizing it for the last 1,5 months with challenges, fun, excitements, creating ideas and a lot of water bombs. We prepared a water transporting game called Capture the Water and a basic fun Waterfight with water bombs and water pistols. Capture the Water was about transporting water from the lake to the base of the team, which was a bowl. But what was really difficult to manage was gathering people.

We tried different methods after a while as we could see that nobody came spontaneously or saw the Water Day event on Facebook. We went to people and informed them about Water Day and what they can do there, which was difficult because of the language barrier, but some local volunteers of Támaszpont MOPKA helped us to crowd people together. Even though it was really hot in the afternoon, we could gather some people, that needed some cooling down.

Surprisingly after the acoustic session, which was a competition for acoustic guitar players and singers, not far from the Water Day station, some people were also interested in getting some water over their heads.

In the meantime the first bands started to play, which was a nice background music for the Waterday. Also, Kinga Mesko leaded a workshop for necklaces handmade from textiles. Upcycling is on! Perfect for kids and people who are interested in handmade jewellery. After having lunch we were enjoying the bands BrassTime, Alone in the Moon and Surp!se a lot! We also spend some time with gathering people for VIF at the gates and kept the  gates safe.

All in all a relaxing afternoon and evening with some challanges, but that is always part of leading through a project.

Also what was happening in the last weeks was the Graffiti-Workshop combined with the Rap-Workshop, what was really successful! One of the other volunteers, Selin, leaded the Rap-Workshop and me, Swenja, the Graffiti-Workshop. 13 kids and youngsters showed up for the Graffiti-Workshop and tried to spray an image for the first time!

Firstly I explained, what the whole idea behind the Workshop was: We will use templates and that you should always keep in mind that every piece, you cut out, will be coloured on the wall in the end. I also set up some rules for the kids: No messing around with the spray cans like spraying hair or cloths from others and no over-spraying other images and always wearing masks and gloves.

The kids were really excited and the whole atmosphere was really creative and relaxed. They had amazing ideas and I guess, had to think in a different way to cut out the templates. I helped everybody and sometimes it was pretty difficult to explain how a template works because of the language barrier but also to think in a different way, but gladly everybody could find a way to spray their images on the wall. I am really satisfied with the result of the wall and there is still a lot of space for new creative images and ideas on the wall. So hopefully and maybe there will be another Graffiti-Session in the future. I think the most important thing was that everybody had fun and that was definitely the case!

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