EVS Diary – Még Mindig Friss, Veresegyház, June 2019

Our time here is almost done, and funny enough, it’s the first diary from it from me. Summer is off, and we sometimes chilled, sometimes worked hard, but in the end it was fruitful and fun!

June was an easy month, school was off, and because of that we didn’t had much kids around as we had in April or May. In the beggining of the month there was a short trip to Istanbul for catching up with friends and family, and cool activities in Budapest like Brainiancs Quiz Night at The Studios, which we didn’t win anything in the end but had a lot of fun, Night of Museums where Sweny and Dénes visited Vasarely Múzeum Budapest, and after a long walk in the rain we joined forces at The National Gallery, where we stood in awe and watched Hungarian art that spread over hundreds of years. We finished the night at Hungarian Natural History Museum, where we finally got to meet with famous Hungarosaurus! We also painted the walls of Youth Center, super white and super fresh!

At the end of the month, there started a fashion camp in Köz-Pont, and we closed the office for 3 weeks. There comes the vacation time! What did we did? Well, let’s see what we did:

  • The one of us who happens to be a true ketchup lover, finally started reading Harry Potter. Done with the 3 books so far, he found them as a fun and really easy to read young adult fantastic books and he enjoyed them greatly. (not liking the movies so far). And yes he’s ofcourse a Slytherin.
  • The Blue haired one with a great laughter was visited by her lovely haired (all Germans have lovely hair?) friend Marina. She also went into a very fun birthday party of our one and only “Crazy” Carlos from Colombia.
  • The ketchup boy got his computer broken for couple weeks, which took him out of job and forced him to go do offline work. Yikes!
  • The Blue one did 2 graffiti workshops, which was in a long time coming! With her lead, the participants put their hearth, soul, and cans of paint into our freshly painted outside walls, which we did again in August with even higher participation!
  • We joined our forces to build ourselves a garden! We had our starters before, and there was even a time where we went and gathered horse shit to put in our garden. And now we finally laid our little baby vegetables to the ground, and now all we needed to do was to carry 30 litres of water everyday in very hot weather and wait. (Spoiler: Too much tomatoes.)

And this is it for June! We had a city celebration at the end of the month actually, but Can skipped it and went to Vienna to see cool dinosaurs and realize how expensive travelling is, and Sweny took her time off to chill. You’ll read more about it in July Diary, stay tuned!

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