About Us

The Támaszpont Foundation for Mental Health Education and Prevention (Támaszpont MOPKA) is an NGO acting on local and international level in the youth field, run by volunteer board members, legally established in 2011. Since its foundation it manages the youth centre of Veresegyház. Támaszpont is Eurodesk partner since 2012, Regional Coordinator for Central Hungary (Budapest Region) since 2013. In Europe around 60% of the youth are not active in their society or community. The reasons for that are many and a lot of research has been done on this context. What we certainly know is that communities need to invest in the new generations to not fail. Our mission is to make the youth stronger and more confident, especially when it comes to controlling their life and claiming their rights. We are providing a free and safe place for the youth to be a part of and to participate in the community. We are developing transversal competences like getting a sense of initiative and entrepreneurship, time management, learning to learn, team communication and coordination, planning skills and etc… We are providing useful leisure time activities for the youngsters and give them support in the educational field. We are promoting drug prevention in collaboration with local institutions, police and schools. In collaboration with judges and the tribunal we are spreading the consequences of ambiguous actions among the youngsters.

Our objectives are:

    • to offer a free and safe place for the youngsters to come to, to feel free at and participate in
    • to provide useful leisure time activities for the youngsters
    • to give support in the educational field
    • to promote drug prevention
    • to emphasise the value of Human Rights and the Council of Europe
    • to empower young people to be active in their local community and to be actively involved in civil society
    • to promote the idea of volunteerism
    • to raise awareness of common values such as tolerance, equal opportunities and cultural diversity
    • to facilitate partnership and international co-operation between groups of young people
    • to promote the Global Education International activities: Támaszpont mostly participates in international youth exchanges and training courses.