Community service

Spend your 50 hours long community service with us!

You would like to spend your 50 hours in a colorfull and creative way? This is your place! From the grass cutting througth taking photos until your own idea is realized we provide you several opportunities.

Check out our list, send us your idea by e-mail, or tell us you ideas face to face in the Köz-Pont Youth Centre!

      • Grass cutting, form the middle of March to at the end of October in every 2 weeks 4 hours/occasion. Funnier with company.
      • Documentation on our events (taking photos, makeing videos) 2-6 hours/occasion . Could be on weekends, on weekdays afternoon or in school breaks.
      • DIY – Maintenance. 365 days a year, when it is needed, it’s very varied, it can be almost anything that doesn’t require expertise. 1-4 hours /occasion. Depending on the task it could be a team work activity.
      • Leading your own workshop. In every week, or in every two weeks. 1,5 hours/ occasion. We can provide a professional help.
      • Tutoring for 1 person or a group. In every week. 1,5 hours/ occasion. We can provide a professional help.
      • Develope your animator skills. Csimózás? Entertainment for younger children attending the Youth Centre. At least once a week. 1-3 hours/ occasion. We can provide a professional help.
      • Translate from English to Hungarian and back. In the meantime, you can make friends with our foreign volunteers and improve your language skills. 1-2 hours/ occasion You can do it in the Youth Centre or at Home as well.

Let’s see an example: