Eager Leader

This Training Course will take place in our youth centre Támaszpont MOPKA in Veresegyház, the working language will be English (but a Hungarian facilitator will be present) and it is designed for active youngsters who would like to become leaders for youth exchanges and/or local activities. The training is divided in 4 levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced and expert. Every participant is going to achieve specific competences for being a good youth leader. The approach is non-formal, the methodology is learning by doing and the participants will follow specific and practical tasks to learn proper educational tools in a fun and meaningfull way. Every level´s training will take place during one weekend, starting from Friday afternoon and finishing on Sunday in the late afternoon. The participants will sleep in the youth centre and will cook together.

The trainers are experts in this sector and already collected several years of experience. Lauko Szofi (Hungarian) is an expert project manager and project designer. She has lead the Roma community youth centre in Budapest for several years already. Lilla Horváth (Hungarian) is a youth worker and expert in youth exchanges and the dynamics of groups. Bruno Pizzini (Italian) is an expert Salto-Youth trainer from the Hungarian National Agency.

At the end of each weekend we distribute a certificate of participation to everyone. Anyone who is really motivated can participate and be a part of our group of leaders. The benefit are plenty:

– every leader can apply for projects as a group leader – usually a group leader of MOPKA doesn’t pay any fee or, if the project permits, we can provide a compensation

– every leader can collaborate and participate in any Training Course or other projects of MOPKA – we are promoting your achieved competences, among other Eurodesk partners

– we can write a letter of recommendation for your Curriculm Vitae To participate we need you to registrate first. Eager leader is an investment of time and money to raise the new generation of youth leaders. We ask the participants to contribute actively.