Mindig Friss – Always Active

Mindig Friss

(Always Active)

EVS – VERESEGYHÁZ (HU) –   September 2017 – September 2018

Description of the project;

During the recent years, we have collected a lot of experience in encouraging young people, facilitating the realisation of their ideas, as well as a lot of international experience. We want to welcome new EVS volunteers, to work together and help each other mutually.

The project aims to improve the participant’s competences, transversal skills appropriate to be able to work independently of their interests, develop and implement their ideas, especially the youth field. The participants could use these skills later in work and in their family life.

Participants:  Two young people from Germany and Turkey, at their selection are only relevant to the area of interest and motivation. We are looking for young people who are interested in the youth field, and on-line off-line campaigning.

Profile 1 from Turkey; the EVS volunteer has a good attitude to work and is willing to learn how to use graphic programs like Photoshop or Illustrator. S/he is interested to make graphic presentations of the local activities, can use social media and WordPress. The volunteer will work with experts. S/he has the willingness to do activities, to bring up new ideas for the visibility of the organization and its programs. S/he has a positive attitude to work with the youth.

Profile 2 from Germany; the EVS volunteer is keen to work with youngsters in primary school (6 – 14 years old) and secondary school (14 – 18 years old), is willing to lead hand-craft workshops and local activities, is motivated to work with youngsters, is able to teach basic English or German and/or his/her mother tongue.

Project Environment    
Veresegyház is placed 17 kms from Budapest and is well connected to it by buses and trains. Veresegyház has around 18.000 inhabitants and the average age is 36 years, most of the people work in Budapest or in the General Electric Company. The city has 5 primary schools, 1
secondary school, a SPA, a public swimming pool and 50 sport groups. The particularity of the city is that the public buildings have a heating system from thermal water. In the city we have 3 big natural lakes with one beach, which you can swim in in the summer, 2 hotels and the famous Bear Farm. 

The youth centre is situated in the city centre and we offer a free and safe place for the youngsters. We are collaborating with the schools in the city and in the 2 big cities close to us, Budapest and Gödöllő.

Financial Conditions

Accommodation and food will be fully covered + pocket money for the personal expenses. The travel costs will be reimbursed according to Erasmus+ regulations.

The maximum price paid for the travel between the participants home and the project location is: 275,00 €


The volunteers will share a house close to the city centre. The youth centre is 300m far from the house. They will have an independent bedrooms and a common bathroom, toilet, kitchen. The house has a big garden and the volunteers will have free access to internet and TV.