Our team

Fanni Pozsonyi

Fanni is the ambassador of Támaszpont MOPKA. She is a director, a dramapedagogist, and  learning psychodrama to became a trainer one day.  She takes care of the Youth Centre, so if you want to rent it out, look for her. Her main responsibility is to motivate, manage and provide a pleasant working atmosphere for the professionals of the foundation.

Zsófi Rácz
board memberinternational project coordinator

Zsófi is responsible for the international projects of the foundation, so if you have any question about Erasmus+, youth exchanges, training courses, or European Solidarity Corps, she is your person. She also organizes our summer camp. She is experienced in gamification also in dramapedagogy.


József Maczó
board memberregional coordinator of Eurodesk 

Maci is one of the founders. He is the Eurodesk coordinator of the Central Hungarian region. His biggest profession is drug prevention for several years. He is also the HR leader of the foundation, so he is well versed in the maze of contracts and certificates of performance. It is also his responsibility to keep contact with our partners in national level.

Ágnes Sándorné Rab
head of the financial and economical department

Ági is one of the founders of Támaszpont MOPKA, she is our Minister of Finance from the very beginning. Originally she is an engineer, so when it comes to practical issues or planning, she is your person.

Viktória Kiss
professional advisor

Viki is one of the founders. She was the former president, nowdays she is a professional advisor of the foundation. If you need not one but 100 good ideas don’t hesitate to contact her.