The Köz-Pont Youth Centre is a colorful place in the centre of Veresegyház, managed by Támaszpont MOPKA since 2012. The Youth Centre is not just a place where youngsters can hang out after school, but it’s rather a community speace where you have an opportunity to spend quality leisuretime. We offer a lot of activities like language learning workshops and art clubs. We are a place where you can create anything you want and also you can realize your own ideas.

Beside on the international projects, we organize a lot of local programs, like the drug prevention and Szociopoly workshops on Fridays for school classes, which are based on the idea to make the youngsters more active and aware in their community. 

We have some bigger events organized by our youngsters, like The King Meeting and Witch Burning of Veresegyház or the Youth Festival of Veresegyház, VIF. Beside these, every year we have on opportunity to organize an exibition in the local city gallery called Udvarház Galéria, where talented youngters can show their artworks. 

Starting with, 2019 we are organizing a summer camp with the main goals of building a young community of youngsters in the city, and also to make them aware of Veresegyház. 

Over and above you can find us in every event of the city, where we always offer an interesting program and information about the youth field. 

We are waiting for you on weekdays between 10-18 in the Köz-Pont Youth Centre! 
Come check us out!