Györgyné Kiss
Chairman Of The Board Of Trustees – Engineer Informatics

I started working in the youth field together with Ágnes Rab, as a member of the schools chair group, organising programs and coordinating investments. I am a founding member of Támaszpont MOPKA and the chairperson of the Board of Trustees since their foundings. Furthermore I have been a Eurodesk coordinator since 2012 and Eurodesk regional coordinator since 2013. My tasks include the organisation of mobility projects, individual counseling. contacting EVS volunteers, helping to communicate with the local government, organising the programs and mentoring the groups of young people. I am a trainer in international projects, leading groups, as well as helping young leaders of youth exchanges. I am also mother of 3 children.

Sándorné Rab Ágnes
Mechanical Engineer and Economist, Accountant

I have been involved in youth work for more than 10 years now. I have led the construction of a playground and was chairman of the Fabriczius József primary school for five years, during which I led several projects, organised the school ball, coordinated the construction of a playground and a kitchen, as well as other investments for children. Since 2008, the popular Rinya tour has also been associated with my name. As a founder of Támaszpont MOPKA I have provided its financial background from the start, helped communicating with the local government and organised programs for the youth centre. Since 2012 the Foundation has been Eurodesk partner and since then has been involved in the organisation and promotion of international mobility projects. I am also mother of 3 children.

Maczó József
Former Policeman, Financier, Human Resources Manager

I have been involved in working with youngsters since 2000 when, as a volunteer, I started to give drug prevention lectures and workshops for children, youngsters, teachers and parents in institutions such as primary, secondary and high schools. This work involved continuous cooperation with renowned Hungarian specialists. As an active professional I participated in several international study trips focusing on drug prevention. I am one of the founding members of Támaszpont MOPKA and have taken significant part in supporting and organising the programs of the youth centre and of the foundation’s preventive activities. Since 2012, when the foundation became Eurodesk partner, I have been involved in the organisation and promotion of international mobility projects. I am also father of two children.

Zsófi Rácz
International Project Coordinator

I have a Master’s Degree as a teacher of drama, history and leisure time and game design from Eötvös Lránd University, Budapest. I’m a youth worker since 2016. I started as a volunteer, then I worked in the Municipality of Veresegyház as “Youth and Equal Opportunity Officer” and in different non profit organizations in Budapest. I work with groups of children and youngsters since 2010 as a camp leader and drama teacher. I’m experienced in Erasmus+ projects and non formal educational trainings. I’m responsible for international network and projects. My responsibilities writing applications, coordinating Erasmus+ projects and work with our ESC volunteers as their coordinator.

Pozsonyi Fanni
Office Manager, Drama Instructor

My name is Fanni Pozsonyi. I lived in Budapest for a couple of years and worked in Székesfehérvár, too. But Veresegház has alwalys been my home, because I grew up here. I studied history and Sociolinguistic – Sign Language at ELTE University, and I am a trained drama pedagogyist. At the moment I am learning to be a psychodrama trainer. Almost ten years ago I started working with youngsters with artpedagogyical methodes. Since 2015 I am a member of the Transfiguration Association. My first meeting with Támaszpont MOPKA and the Köz-Pont Youth Centre was in 2017 and since then I have been working with them – at first as a volunteer, and now as an office manager. The main part of my job is to coordinate, follow and control the different working parts of the foundation from the beginning to the end.

Botond Attila Boros
TPRS Teacher

Thoroughly acquainted with the philosophy and techniques of TPR Storytelling, I have been using the approach to teach English, German and Hungarian to adults and teens since 2008 as the first practitioner of the method in Hungary.