What is your point of view on poverty? Do you think most of the poor people just don´t want to work? Do you think getting financial aid is better than having a paid job? Do you think this financial aid you get for your children is enough to be the main financial source of your family?

Most of us have an answer for these questions but- fortunately- haven’t experienced what it means to be poor or unemployed. Except of the professionals there´s just a few people who know about the hungarian aid system, usury or black work. In the summer of 2010 we had the idea to work on a game that could make people experience financial difficulty, for example as a family that lives in poverty, doesn’t have enough money in the middle of the month and hasn’t got any opportunities to earn more money. Szociopoly is a device for social sensitization. When playing this game, it is neccessary to have an expert on site, who reacts to the conflicts that come up and who can give the important information to the participants, provoce them, and of course answer all of the questions.